A full range of investment banking services


EarlyBirdCapital, Inc. (“EBC”) is a registered broker-dealer1 and member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc., Municipal Securities Rule Making Board, and Securities Insurance Protection Corporation2. EBC is a boutique investment bank that has developed an expertise in working with smaller capitalization companies, special situation investments and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs™), a new concept we pioneered and developed that involves publicly-traded, industry-specific acquisition funds.

EBC has two main goals: to provide innovative, creative investment banking services to our corporate clients, and to provide our high net-worth and institutional clients with access to proprietary investment opportunities.

We achieve both goals by applying innovative solutions to achieve corporate strategies and by linking successful entrepreneurs and businesses with the capital they need to continue growing.

EBC is a small team of specialists. We take pride in our professionalism and expertise, which is best measured by the number of transactions that we participate in that reach completion and their performance thereafter.

EBC is active around the world and counts many institutions and high net-worth individuals among our clients.