What is a SPAC?

A SPAC™ is a publicly-traded vehicle that has been formed to facilitate a business combination, usually within a specified industry. 

How is Capital Raised?

The capital is raised through an initial public offering of securities.

What is the Purpose of a SPAC?

The purpose of a SPAC™ is to provide an investment opportunity to clients by leveraging the experience and expertise of each SPAC’s management team in identifying a business combination.

These acquisitions or mergers take place in the U.S., in expanding economies or in a specified industry such as energy, healthcare, technology or specialty retailing.

What are the Benefits of a SPAC?

Combining the management team with access to the capital needed to fund a merger, acquisition or asset sale, the SPAC™ offers the financial flexibility, capital structure and management to attract a broad variety of target transactions and investment opportunities for our clients.

The Popularity of our SPACs

The unique structure of the SPAC™ investment created by the EarlyBirdCapital team has been adopted by a growing segment of the underwriting community and accounts for several billion dollars of capital formation.

A Market Leader in SPACs

A new generation of SPAC™ offerings was launched in August of 2003 with Millstream Acquisition Corp. Since that time EarlyBirdCapital has been a recognized market leader in SPAC™ initial public offerings as well as in consummated business combinations.